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Well-established Danish company 

At IntraNote we strive to be close to our costumers to increase and improve our knowledge of the fields we provide with solutions, thus being able to deliver the best possible products. 

We develop, advise and implement userfriendly software through ECM-solutions. ECM (Enterprise Content Management) collects and stores the data and knowledge from at company (correspondances, information og documents) at a single secure place. 

Some of the solutions IntraNote delivers is Intranet and document-handling: We make sure your data is secure while converting the organisations documents and information into a beneficial place of knowledge-sharing. 


IntraNote - Return on knowledge

This is what you get with IntraNote as your supplier


A flexible standard solution

IntraNotes' solutions are flexible standard solutions, ready for use but tailored to meet your needs so you get precisely the functionality and the configuration you need. All solutions are based on thoroughly tested functionality and they are easily integrated into your existing systems so you obtain the solution that supports your business procedures best. We deliver a standard solution and during our effective implementation process, we set up the solution together with you, so once the implementation is completed, you are equipped to expand or change the solution yourselves so it constantly adapts to your procedures.

Professional project management

The success of many IT projects is strongly dependent on professional project management. Therefore, at IntraNote we work according to the standardised and thoroughly tested project model, PRINCE2. This ensures formalised task management, ongoing evaluation and measuring of progress and realisation of gains in relation to our customers' success criteria. We regard the implementation of our solutions as highly as change management, as we do the delivery of a purely software solution.

Easy upgrading to new versions

IntraNotes' solutions are compatible retroactively and you can easily upgrade to the latest version so you constantly gain the advantages of new functionality. We develop our solutions on the basis of market developments and requirements from our customers. We also make new functionality available to everyone. Consequently, you are guaranteed a scalable solution you can adapt to your needs.

Relevant exchange of experience 

At our free Exchange of Experience days we gather our customers for shared sparring and exchange of experience. Our Exchange of Experience days are for customers only and we put together those customers that have similar solutions and thus the greatest possible benefit from inspiring each other. As customers, you have an influence on the agenda for the Exchange of Experience days and, with the close customer/supplier dialogue, you are ensured that the solutions are constantly developed with focus on your needs. At the Exchange of Experience days, you are also presented with the latest development in IntraNotes' solutions so you are always updated on the options you have.

High level of service

As a customer at IntraNote, you are ensured a high level of service and solutions, which operate reliably without unnecessary interruptions. Our Service Desk and the rest of our delivery set-up are certified and work according to the ITIL principles. This guarantees a service based on transparent processes with focus on achieving and ensuring best practice. IntraNote has gathered development, implementation and the Service Desk under one roof and, therefore, you are guaranteed a supplier who takes the solution of your problems seriously.

Future-proofed technology

IntraNote is a Microsoft Gold Partner. Thus, you are guaranteed solutions that are always compatible with Microsoft's products. The solutions are continuously approved by Microsoft and easily fit into the company's remaining IT structure. The user interface is familiar to your employees and, as such, you achieve easy anchoring in your organisation.

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